Are you really great at drinking Bier??

Then you need to join the stein club! The Prost! Stein Club rewards you for all your hard work drinking biers. Each member gets a free punch card with fifty punches. For each card you complete, you earn rewards! 

    1st Punch Card  Stein Club Shirt        2nd Punch Card  Stein Club Patch

    3rd Punch Card  Stein Club Hat        4th Punch Card  Your own Stein

    5th Punch Card   Your own Wall Plaque    10th Punch CardStein Club Hoodie

    20th Punch CardYour own Bar Stool        30th Punch CardStein Club Jacket

    50th Punch Card   Wenger Prost! Watch    75th Punch Card Your own Lederhosen

                                  100th Punch Card     Prost! Tattoo

   Over the last fifteen years Stein Club members have drank thousands of biers, and made a ton of friends. Besides all the great prizes, members also get to enjoy events at the pubs throughout the year. Get your punch card today and join us!